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Renzo Tonin & Associates (Kuwait) Showcase Exhibition

(Reprinted from Al Watan Daily KUWAIT, a division of the Herald Tribune)

Renzo Tonin & Associates (Kuwait) was invited to showcase their acoustic consulting expertise at a special acoustic exhibition in Kuwait. Three other Australian acoustic companies were also in attendance including Sontext Acoustic and Textual Creativity, Rondo Middle East and Pyrotek Soundguard.

The host of the event, Mr Nabil Awad, general manager of Sadeer Trading and Contracting Company, said: "The Acoustics industry has moved forward a lot recently in Kuwait. People now are starting to be bothered of all the noise around them, so contractors are now paying attention to the effects of this and are trying to prevent it beforehand. Acoustics has always been considered, however in the last few years, people are considering its importance more."

Speaking about the significance of this exhibition in the Kuwaiti market, Dena Al-Nashie, associate at Renzo Tonin & Associates, said: "We are here today to educate people about acoustics, what we do an what we offer here in Kuwait. I think in the past two years people are becoming more and more aware of acoustics, especially now that Kuwait is in the trend of building high-rise buildings and all these high-rise buildings have to have acoustic criteria that govern them. So, contractors would be able to know how to build their buildings and meet certain acoustic standards."

"In terms of us, Renzo Tonin & Associates, we are here to provide acoustic consultancy services to a variety of clients, meaning we offer it to consulting firms, to owners, real estate companies, contractors and builders. We can do the measurements, testing; we can meet anytime with the client to answer their questions. This is the advantage we have for being here for the first time. Plus, Renzo Tonin & Associates is basically the most famous acoustic consultancy firm in Australia and one of the oldest." she said.

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