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RTA 40 years!

Celebrating 40 years of Acoustic Engineering Excellence

Renzo Tonin & Associates started in 1982 from humble beginnings. Growing from one person in a Sydney garage, to one of the largest specialist acoustic engineering consultancies in Australia, with offices in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Kuwait and Singapore.

The growth of the business has mostly been organic; and instrumental to this, has been the tireless efforts and vision of RTA’s founder, Dr Renzo Tonin. The motto, “inspired to achieve” is the vision that has reverberated over the years at RTA. Inspired to achieve through technical innovation, quality work and excellent client service, allowing RTA to lead and remain at the pointy end of the acoustics profession.

A few examples of RTA’s technical innovations include their Gatewave online software; a world’s first road noise trailer RONDA; their NATacoustics laboratory; the distribution of Cadna software throughout Australia and New Zealand; and their many hardware and software inventions, only some of which were on display at their 40-year celebration earlier this month.

However, RTA’s growth cannot simply be attributed to their innovations and technical strengths. Growth relies on good people, people who are prepared to sacrifice and go above and beyond what is needed of them.

Like all businesses who have stood the test of time, RTA has experienced many challenges and hurdles over the years. From several recessions to the global financial crisis and of course the recent world pandemic. However, RTA have managed to get through all of these by working as a team, looking out for one another, meeting each other’s personal needs while all along continuing to meet their client needs. RTA also owes their continued success and growth to their clients, and this was shown in their 40-year milestone celebration.

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Matthew Harrison
Matthew Harrison
23. Nov. 2022

Happy 40th Birthday RT&A.

What a great achievement for a company that goes from strength to strength !

Gefällt mir
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