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RTA celebrates its people over 40 years

As RTA celebrates its 40 year milestone and reflects on the past, they acknowledge that the key ingredient behind their success is their people.

RTA’s growth cannot simply be attributed to their innovations and technical strengths. Growth relies on good people, people who are prepared to sacrifice and go above and beyond what is needed of them. After all, a consulting company in its essence is its people. To provide quality advice and excellent service to clients, you need quality people. RTA owes its growth to the hard work of their good people.

RTA has a broad mix of people with a broad knowledge base, and all passionate about providing a great service to their clients. Acoustic consulting brings particular challenges, including tight deadlines, unusual and often extended work hours, and groundbreaking projects with special considerations. RTA’s people are a team of creative, insightful, technically competent, and hardworking professionals, who enjoy their work and pride themselves in providing a great service. RTA sends a huge thank you out to all its people, past and present, who have helped shape RTA into what it is today.

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