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Simplifying the acoustic specification process: Systems+ from USG Boral


Addressing the many, and often complex, requirements of a building project can be a time-consuming and costly process.

Even something as seemingly straightforward as choosing which wall to use in a room can become a lengthy process, requiring advice from a range of experts.

But thanks to an innovative new resource developed by USG Boral and a team of experts including acoustical engineers from Renzo Tonin & Associates, this process has just become a lot simpler and more cost-effective.

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The Systems+ catalogue streamlines the specification process for new building projects. Architects, specifiers and engineers, interior designers and other

professionals in the building industry now have an accurate, central point of reference for finding the right building solution for their clients’ requirements.

Systems+ includes fire ratings, acoustic and structural performance data and installation specifications for a wide range of walls and other building systems.

The team at Renzo Tonin & Associates, led by director Nicholas Tselios and senior engineer Tony Wong, was brought on board to develop the acoustic ratings for each building solution in Systems+.

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What makes this catalogue stand apart is the reliability and robustness of the information it provides. For the first time, real-life experience and measurements have been built into the computer-based modelling traditionally used to predict product performance. This innovative approach makes Systems+ an incredibly reliable, robust specifying catalogue.

Nicholas and Tony drew on over 30 years combined experience in acoustics to develop this state-of-the-art computer modelling system, and are very pleased with the results. Nicholas says:

“It has taken us two years to model the acoustic performances for every possible combination of walls, insulation type and building product you can think of.”

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“Robustness, validity and reliability of numbers is the primarily the ultimate key items for any designer. That’s why we knew we had to include real-life observations into our modelling – because a disclaimer that the computer produced a performance value and not challenging the three key items, isn’t much use to someone trying to get a project built”.

Having access to this catalogue of accurate data on building specifications will be useful across a range of building projects, and save time and money. Systems+ allows professionals to more accurately predict costs and budget estimates – right from the beginning of a project.

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For example, Systems+ can be used in the tendering process before experts like acoustic engineers have been brought on board, saving considerable costs in the tendering process for large-scale projects.

“It’s satisfying to see Systems+ finally out there – we’ve already heard that USG Boral have had an great response following the official launch of Systems+.”

The team at Renzo Tonin is looking forward to seeing how architects, engineers and designers use and build on Systems+ as part of their work.

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