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40 years of Innovation and Inventions

Over the past 40 years, RTA has been at the forefront of many emerging technologies in acoustics. Some of the more interesting items of hardware and software developed over the years were on display at RTA’s 40 year anniversary celebration, including:

  • ENM software, ground-breaking software developed in 1989 to model environmental noise in 3D

  • dBbox software, developed circa 1989 to allow acoustic and vibration calculations to be easily conducted

  • dBray software, developed circa 1990 to model the acoustics of enclosed spaces such as theatres, auditoria and performance spaces in 3D

  • RTA noise loggers, seven models of loggers since 1990 and still in heavy use today

  • RTA Noise Kiosk, an invention ahead of its time circa early 1990’s - an interactive kiosk with accurate auralisation to inform residents living near a proposed major project what their noise environment will sound like once the project is built

  • RONDA, the Road Noise Data Acquiring trailer developed and operational since 2015 - a world-first acoustic trailer used to measure road pavement / tyre noise applying two different methods concurrently

  • Gatewave, an industry leading web tool developed in 2019 allowing clients to self-assess, report and manage construction noise and vibration on their construction sites

  • NATacoustics laboratory, a NATA certified laboratory approved for the calibration of acoustic instruments

  • Cadna, software distribution throughout Australia and New Zealand.

Most of the earlier inventions were the brainchild of Dr Renzo Tonin, assisted by many very clever RTA engineers. These innovations and inventions have assisted RTA to differentiate itself from its competitors since 1982, and it is only fitting that they are front and centre of RTA’s 40-year anniversary celebrations.

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