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Nudgee College Tierney Auditorium

The Nudgee College Tierney Auditorium was awarded the National Award for Interior Architecture in the NSW Architecture Awards 2011.

Nudgee College Tierney Auditorium

The dramatic interior spaces transform the exam hall and basketball court of the school through an imaginative and amusing reconsideration of its basic architectural qualities. Rethought as a version of Mesoamerican and Art Deco, the triangular motif of the original buttress walls has been radically transformed into a decorative geometric language. The theatrical sensibility moves from the external entry spaces and foyer to find its apotheosis in a rich and mysterious interior auditorium. Walls are covered in a shallow wall tectonic of mirror, colour and fibre optics create a lush and dark space.

Renzo Tonin & Associates (QLD) was the acoustic consultant for the project.

Nudgee College Tierney Auditorium 2

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