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Analysing tyre-pavement noise along the M1 Pacific Motorway

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Using our purpose-built noise monitoring trailer, RONDA

As one of Australia’s busiest highways and national freight routes, it’s important that the M1 Pacific Motorway is built to the highest possible specifications.

Renzo Tonin & Associates was engaged by the Queensland Department of Transport and Main Roads (DTMR) to conduct tyre-pavement noise measurements along an 80km section of the M1 Pacific Motorway between Tugun and Eight Mile Plains.

There are between 50,000 and 155,000 vehicles using the M1 Pacific Motorway from Springwood (just south of Eight Mile Plains) to Tugun each day, resulting in quite significant noise levels in certain areas along the motorway. To better understand this noise, DTMR engaged Renzo Tonin & Associates to measure and quantify tyre-pavement noise levels for the various pavement types along the motorway.

Our experienced engineers undertook noise measurements using a purpose-built pavement noise monitoring CPX trailer, better known as RONDA (ROad Noise Data Acquirer).

Measured noise level results from RONDA were analysed to determine the tyre-pavement noise levels and characteristics for each specific pavement type. Results were then compared to previous baseline reference measurements conducted for Dense Graded Asphalt pavements at numerous other locations, providing the acoustic performance of all pavement types measured along the M1 Pacific Motorway to DTMR. In only a few days, tens of kilometres of motorway pavements were tested each twenty metres of road, giving detailed results.

DTMR were very pleased with the thorough measurement process, detailed results and sensible outcomes provided by Renzo Tonin & Associates through tyre-pavement noise testing. Tyre pavement noise is the biggest noise contributor on motorways today and into the future as engine and exhaust noise is continuously being reduced with new technologies. This data and information will assist DTMR in quantifying the extent of noise and its impact on nearby and surrounding communities to this critical motorway in Queensland.

Further details relating to RONDA can be found here.

Please contact us if we can assist you with a noise or vibration project including acoustic performance testing of road pavements.

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