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Sydney Metro Northwest

Updated: Nov 16, 2021

Sydney Metro Northwest

Noise and vibration consultants for Australia’s largest public transport project

On 26 May 2019, the Sydney Metro Northwest opened. This is the first section of Sydney Metro, Australia’s largest public transport infrastructure project, opened for operation with Sydney’s new driverless trains.

Sydney Metro will deliver more trains, faster and more efficient services across Sydney. There are 13 stations along the Sydney Metro Northwest Line, including 8 new stations and 5 upgraded stations and 4,000 new commuter car parking spaces.


Renzo Tonin & Associates was the lead acoustical modelling, assessment and designer consultant for two of the project’s three major contracts.

Our work on the Sydney Metro Northwest project spanned five years across the tender, construction, detailed design, commissioning and compliance stages. This included noise and vibration assessment of the tunnels and station box excavations, and the trackforms, stations, service facilities and train maintenance facility.


“As with any project of this scale, there were several challenges involved. One was the fact that the new metro line runs beneath and adjacent to many thousands of sensitive receivers”, says Conrad Weber, Director at Renzo Tonin & Associates.

“Assessing the possible impacts involved complex noise and vibration modelling and implementation of innovative mitigation measures. Our team used their expertise to minimise disturbance to local residents, schools and businesses”, says Peter Karantonis, Director at Renzo Tonin & Associates.

Renzo Tonin & Associates are working on the construction and operational design stages of the next section of Sydney Metro (City & Southwest) which will operate between Chatswood and Bankstown. This project is currently under construction and planned to open in 2024 – click here for more info

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