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New train projects in Singapore and Bangkok

Updated: Nov 22, 2021

Our specialist expertise takes us to Asia

When Renzo Tonin & Associates was invited to tender to work on Bangkok’s new Skytrain, Conrad Weber was delighted.

“We were excited to have the opportunity to extend our knowledge and experience into a new geographical context – Thailand.”

“We had worked with the project manager on a previous project in Australia and were invited to tender for the new Bangkok Skytrain because of our demonstrated ability to navigate some of the complex challenges that can crop up on these kinds of projects.”

“It’s always nice to work with people more than once, and opportunities to work on new projects is the best endorsement of a job well done.”

The new skytrain, known as the MRT Purple Line, is a part of Bangkok’s Metropolitan Rapid Transit system, serving commuters between suburbs to the northwest and south of Bangkok. It is the first Bangkok metro line to stretch into a neighbouring province.

Renzo Tonin & Associates were brought on as part of an international team led by a Japanese train company J-TREC. A team of Renzo Tonin & Associates engineers provided expert advice during commissioning to assist the client in demonstrating compliance with rail roughness and interior noise specifications.

Renzo Tonin & Associates has also recently completed a project involving the mid-life upgrade of the Siemens C-651 train fleet which operates on Singapore’s North-South and East-West Lines. Renzo Tonin & Associates were the lead acoustical consultants (on behalf of Singapore Rail Engineering), with responsibility for assuring the system-level acoustic design requirements and performing pre- and post-refurbishment noise and vibration measurements.

This project also came on the back of work completed on other projects, such as Sydney Metro Northwest and Sydney’s Outer Suburban Car (OSCAR), Waratah and Millennium train projects.

“Once again, the fact that we have a dedicated team that specialises in railway noise and vibration is something that’s really useful to clients working in this area,” says Conrad.

“Every project brings new challenges, but working in a team with so much shared expertise gives us confidence in recommending cost-effective solutions for our clients.”

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